Placement Cell

In the context of Globalization,  the students of  GFGCs of Karnataka must be capable  of  grabbing career opportunities available across the world soon after graduating. With this intent,  the  Department  of  Collegiate  Education  established  Placement Cells in all GFGCs during 2014-15.


Along with this, Guidelines regarding Constitution of  Placement  Cell  Committees,  details of  Programmes  to be  organized   thought-out the  Academic  Year through  these Placement Cells, Circulars regarding various Competitive Exams and Jobs Fairs are being issued by the Central Placement Cell at the Head Office. The progress of Placement Cell initiatives is also revived at the CPC. Several  Workshops  are being  organized to highlight the role of Placement Cells in Higher Education & NAAC Process for the Principals, Convenors of Placement Cell and IQAC  Convenors   and  Faculty Members  of  GFGCs  situated  at various places in the State. 


Also, programmes are being organized for final year Degree & Post Graduate students regarding Skills for facing Interview, Resume Writing,  details  regarding various Competitive Exams, Jobs at Corporate Sectors, Self-Employment etc., Alongside, in the Interest of Students, introductory Training & Information is also being provided to students concerning Civil Services Examination viz., IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS etc., Probationary Officers Examinations & the like.


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Details of Job Fair conducted in Government First Grade Colleges.

Details 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Number of job fairs held 153 163 134
Number of students who participated 25152 25932 18832
Number of shortlisted students
for employment
8058 7033 6833







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