JD Offices

JD Offices.

The Department of Collegiate Education has grouped all Degree Colleges across the state under 06 Regional Joint Director’s Offices and is managing all Degree Colleges through the Joint Director’s offices.

The regional Joint Directors’ Offices function under the stewardship of Joint Directors. Government and Private Aided Degree Colleges come under the purview of the Joint Director’s Offices.


 The scope of work in these offices is briefly listed below:

 Approval of salary bills/pending bills of Private Aided Colleges

  • Release of Grant-in-Aid of 05 Universities under the purview of this office
  • Scrutiny of senior/selection Grade scales/AGP Proposals of the teaching staff of Private Aided Colleges
  • Sanctioning stagnation increment, TBA, TBP and Additional increment of 20, 25 and 30 years
  • Scrutinizing the pension proposals of retired staff of Private Aided Colleges and submission of the same to Head Office
  • Submission of Proposals related to filling up of vacancies in private Aided Colleges to Head Office after scrutiny
  • Managing the Right to Information cases and court cases concerning Private Aided Colleges
  • Enquiry regarding complaints received from Government/Private Aided Colleges and submission of Reports regarding the same.
  • Approval of Guest Faculty Appointment in Government First Grade Colleges and distribution of honorarium released from the Head Office
  • Distribution of various scholarships to students
  • Site inspection and scrutiny of basic infrastructure for starting new colleges and submission of Reports to Head Office
  • Managing the Auditing of private Aided Colleges (from State Audit Team)






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