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Recruitment Section

Recruitment of Assistant Professors in Government First Grade Colleges, appointment of non-teaching staff on compassionate grounds, selection of guest faculty and management of files related to Cadre & Recruitment Rules, and appointment to all cadres in the colleges of Hyderabad-Karnataka region.


Measures are taken to fill backlog vacancies in Private Aided Colleges, Aided B.ED colleges and Aided Law Colleges and to include colleges established between 1987 and 1995 run by SC / ST Managements and BPED colleges under Grant-in-Aid facility. Action is taken implement the provisions of Rule 371 (J) concerning Private Aided Colleges in Hyderabad-Karnataka region.


Service section

This section deals with issues relating to protection of previous service, consideration of  qualifying service, declaration of Probationary period, sanctioning of M.Phil /Ph.D increments and LTC/HTC to faculty of Government First Grade Colleges, UGC pay fixation for faculty of Government First Grade Colleges and Pay fixation for faculty on their obtaining promotion, Issue of No Objection Certificate to faculty who aspire to travel abroad and Permission to buy land/House/Vehicle etc, Paper work regarding Compulsory Waiting Period of faculty who report to DCE after completion of FIP, sanctioning of TBA/TBO/Additional increments to non-teaching staff, Correspondence regarding M.Phil / PhD increments to faculty of Private Aided Colleges, sanctioning of Small Family Allowance, Physically Handicapped Allowance, in-charge Allowance, and Other Allowances.


Transfer Section

The prominent functions of this section include transfers of teaching and non-teaching staff of Government First Grade Colleges through Counseling as per the provisions of the ‘’Transfer Act – 2012’’ of Department of Collegiate Education, taking measures as per Rules for deputing teaching/non-teaching staff of Government and Aided Colleges without adequate workload to Colleges/offices with sufficient workload, managing information relating to vacancies in Government First Grade Colleges.


Promotion & Placement Section

This section works on preparation of seniority list of teaching staff / Librarians / Physical Education Directors / Grade-1 / Grade-II Principals and Non-teaching staff of Head Office / Regional Offices / Government First Grade Colleges, Sanctioning of higher AGP in UGC pay scale to faculty of Government and Aided colleges under Career Advancement Scheme, granting Promotion to the post of Grade-II Principals and non-teaching staff of Government and Aided colleges.


Enquiry Section

A broad outline of work carried out in the Enquiry Section includes Departmental inquiry regarding the complaints received from Government and Aided Colleges,  Disciplinary Action, submission of reports regarding complaints to various Commissions,  Administrative inspection of Government Colleges, enquiry regarding the complaints forwarded from Lokayukta and Anti Corruption Bureau and submission of reports,  Constituting of Enquiry Committee to conduct enquiry/examination of Appeals regarding Right to Information.


Legal Cell

This section represents the Department in all court cases involving it. Among its duties included are supervising writ petitions, writ appeals and contempt petitions filed against the Government/Department in the State High Court in Bengaluru, Dharawada, Kalaburgi and the Supreme Court, KAT and other courts, supervision of Appeals under Karnataka Education Act filed in the presence of Hon’ble Principal Secretary/Commissioner, Collecting  Para-wise remarks from various sections and submission of the same to Government Lawyers, instructing various Administrative Departments to implement the decision of the Court, providing additional information / documentation on court cases to Government Attorneys etc.


Academic Section

In this section tasks related to Academic responsibilities like granting permission to start new courses/combinations at undergraduate/postgraduate levels in Government First Grade Colleges, sanctioning grants to Government First Grade Colleges offering Science courses, towards purchase of  Lab equipment, chemicals/consumables, Text books/ Reference Books and furniture for developing Science Courses are included.

The Academic Section includes a NAAC wing. Government First Grade Colleges are subject to NAAC accreditation and reaccreditation process with the intent of improving the quality of Higher Education. The NAAC wing lends technical support and sanctions financial assistance to Government First Grade Colleges. 222 Government First Grade Colleges have been accredited/re-acrredited by NAAC so far.

Karnataka has succeeded in getting most Higher Education Institutions accredited and positions itself in the second place nationally and first place in South India, among states that have maximum number of Higher Education Institutions accredited. 


Information Technology Division

This section manages e-Procurement for all requirements of the Department, gives technical support to the coordinators of Colleges for maintaining website portals of all Government First Grade Colleges, Preparation and implementing action plan for extending IT/ICT utilities, leads Capacity Building of College staff by training them in the use of HRMS, manages Education Management Information System – EMIS for capturing data of students, teachers and non-teaching staff of 430 Government First Grade Colleges and 321 Private Aided Colleges.


Planning Section

The multitudinous tasks of this section include preparation of proposal for implementation of continuation and new programs, preparation of annual budget estimate, uploading grant-expenditure information through DSS, Performance budget document, preparation of information regarding gender budget and financial analysis, submission of Proposals to the Government regarding establishment of new Government First Grade Colleges, Naming the colleges after the Benefactor who has donated land or one third of construction cost for the College building or any other name of donor’s choice, releasing grants towards office expenses of Government First Grade Colleges, submission of information for K.D.P meetings and C.M’s Dashboard,  submission of Proposals for renaming Government First Grade Colleges etc.


Budget section

This section sanctions grant-in-Aid towards the salary of the staff of Private Aided Degree Colleges, B.Ed Colleges, Chitrakala Colleges and Law Colleges.  It sanctions honorarium for Guest Faculty of Government First Grade Colleges, sanctions grants for various expenses of Head Office and 6 Regional Offices, submits Proposals to the Government requesting re-appropriation of grants or additional grants on encountering grant-deficit, reconciliation of monthly expenditure of both Government and Aided Colleges.

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